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About The Library Of Amirkabir University Of technology

The library of Amirkabir university of technology is a place that scientific documents, books, magazines, research documents and ... were gathered and ready to be served to students, professors and other intersted peoples.

This library has ... departments, ... reading rooms, ... books, ... magazines, research documents, ... compact disks and ... .

In active support of the mission of library, we

  •  Provide a place for self-education and discovery 
  •  Promote scholarship and good citizenship through information literacy
  •  Acquire, organize, preserve, and deliver information resources and assist users in their effective use
  •  Create a great library for a great university
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The staff is committed to the following values:

  •  Service to all peoples of  Amirkabir university of technology and the wider academic community
  •  A balance of tradition and innovation as we seek the best ways to deliver information to our users
  •  Collaboration and communication in meeting the challenges of our mission
  •  Integrity and mutual respect in all interactions, recognizing the importance of honesty, trust, tolerance, diversity, and humor

The staff is committed to the following workplace behaviors:

  •  Open communication
  •  Flexibility
  •  Integrity and trustworthiness
  •  Acknowledgement of individual contributions
  •  Recognition and valuing of differences
How to write thesis

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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